Mass Gainer

Canada Nutrition Mass Gainer, High Protein Muscle Mass Gainer with Glutamine + BCAA ,1000 Calories & 14g Protein , 53g Carbs,Gain Strength & Size, Weight Gainer for Men & Women

Brand Canada Nutrition
Weight 1 kg /3kg
Servings 13 Servings / 40 Servings
CANADA NUTRITION MASS GAINER is a high-calorie formula for bodybuilders with high-quality proteins, complex carbs and multivitamin CANADA NUTRITION MASS GAINER provides 293kcal, 14g high-quality proteins and 53g carbs per-serving.
The multivitamins package in CANADA NUTRITION MASS GAINER contains 13 vitamins for fulfilling dietary gaps. Multivitamins helps in firing up the energy metabolism. Free from transfats and added sugar, CANADA NUTRITION MASS GAINER ensures that calories come fromquality sources, like high-quality proteins and simple & complex carbs.